My girlfriend just broke up with me..

I’m lost…

so lost.

I love my girlfriend.

Through tough times and rough times.
Through happiness and sadness.
Through arguments and settlements.
She is my other half. No matter what.

I love my girlfriend so much.

And I hope she knows I would never do anything stupid. I care about her too much. I will be faithful….forever.

Sooooo. girlfriend’s going to work..

and I’m downloading all The Lord Of The Ring movies to watch today. Nothing else to do.

My girlfriend is away for the weekend :(

Forever alone

….for the next 2 days.

  • Boyfriend: iloveyousomuchbabe
  • Girlfriend: I love you too!
  • Boyfriend: youmeantheworldtome!
  • Girlfriend: Awe I'm glad.
  • Boyfriend: imgladIhaveyou.
  • Girlfriend: Omg babe what's with the spaces?
  • Boyfriend: I'm just trying to limit the space between you and I.
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