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I feel like crying when I listen to this song. I want to cover it with my whole heart. My songs have more emotion when I’m in pain. I think this song will help me release some pain. 

My heart feels empty.

You filled it with wild fire and burning passion.

It was once ready to take on the world. 

But destruction of lies and depression have battered it into a sliver of hope.

I love you. Your lips become my sky. Your touch becomes my life. I’m stuck. We’re stuck. 

I pray we make it out. God, I hope we make it out. 

I think our love is killing me. But there is a afterlife baby. So I’ll see you in heaven and we’ll love each other into eternity.  

(Source: mightymyron)

I know the truth. But you’ll deny it.

I love my girlfriend.

Through tough times and rough times.
Through happiness and sadness.
Through arguments and settlements.
She is my other half. No matter what.

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